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Why Should You Use Classified Ads?


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Classified Ads are very important for the success of your Internet Marketing.

Let's recap what you have done so far.  To begin with, you gained access to the Internet and looked at what everyone was doing, by putting words into the Search Engines through your Browser.  You were transported all over the Internet and you were duly impressed.  Then, you probably applied for a Newsletter here, an E-zine there, or downloaded a game or program. 

All of a sudden your email was starting to bulge with incoming offers, proposals and opportunities. 

So you got your own Web Site. 

You know that you should register your web site with the Search Engines, as that was the first lesson you learned.  However, what you may not know, is that it can take from now - to 6 months from now - or never - to get the search engines to post your web site submission. 

That is one reason why classified ads are so important.

Classified ads are a stop-gap advertising tool between now, when your site is first submitted to the search engines, to the time when the search engines post your submission to their listings.  Classified Ads are usually posted in a matter of seconds to the next day.  Many of the conscientious sites like to review the content that you are submitting to their pages. 

Another reason to consider using classified ads.

Make sure that you are dealing with socially acceptable material or search for sites that handle "Adult"  (they must say so on their sites). 

Even after your site has been accepted by the Search Engines, how do you get out all your specials, announcements, up-dates and so on, in the immediate real time?  Use Classified Ads. 


Classified Ads  are a marvelous way to start your own email list or customer mailing list. 

When folks answer ads they want the information NOW, don't you agree?  Generally, they can contact you directly through email or if you have directed them to your web site they can find what they want - immediately.  It is a Win-Win happening. 

They are a super acid test for new product viability to pretest  sales.  You can test products out before building up your inventory.

There are many Classified ad sites on the web.  If you are paying for this service, reduce the cost to a per-ad basis so that you judge one site to the other for the best offer.  Do a comparison review showing what you will get for your package and finally set up a system to monitor the results.  Not all sites will give you the same benefits, plus what you are offering will reflect the results too.

Why don't you try out a classified ad site on a trial basis for free to determine:

a)          The results

b)          How the material is presented to viewers

c)          How easy the site is to work with

d)          Whether or not the ads can be modified or deleted after postings

e)          How responsible are the folks that offer the classified ad site. 

Classified advertising is often overlooked or misused.  Marketers misuse a site or as many as they can find  pounding in their information until it is considered spam.  Not a good idea.  Set yourself up with a program like you were using the newspaper classified ads and gain exposure but with dignity. 

Classified advertising is very effective if used correctly and with a specific purpose - exposure.