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There are so many great Affiliate Businesses being offered on the Internet today you can actually make a living at home even if it takes time to establish.

I like to do Traffic Exchanges on a small level as it lets me look at the various business opportunities currently available without generating the inevitable spam email which results through my email In-Box.  I don't expect sales from Traffic Exchanges.

I like spam email too, as it gives me an opportunity to do reverse marketing, if I get some time for it.  It is time consuming but fun though.

I really dislike it when a  marketing website cannot say what they have to say in a minute or two - delete.  I am not getting involved.  So if you have found a really good program that you don't see here it is probably because I got fed up with their web page that I never get to the bottom of.  I bet you have been there too.  Right?

I have pretty well determined whom I am working with.  I look at each of these programs as an investment, either in time or money or both, if I get involved.  They are my marketing tools.  A carpenter has to buy his own tools too.  Some of them you can find for free - at least the basics of the tools but I like the bells and whistles to gain the flexibility and reach they usually offer with upgrades. 

My Work at Home Programs:

Marketing programs per se are created to make money - pure and simple.  It usually entails work and you do have to know a certain amount of Internet Knowledge to do them.  Use Google if you don't know something.  Just type in your question in their search box, they will sort and find the answers available to you.  Quite often there is more than one answer.  It is very interesting.  Or contact us.  If we don't know we will search Google. 


You are always encourage to get your own website.  If you cannot generate traffic to feed your website, it doesn't matter what you try to do you will fail.  So how do you get traffic?  Surfing is one way.  It is slow but effective.  I mean you get the traffic right away, what is slow is doing it.  Most of this traffic is not targeted so the returns are small.  You can also get viruses big time, so if you do surf on Traffic Exchanges use Mozilla/Firefox to do the surfing.  I use 2 Traffic Exchanges.  I will only do 1:1 ratio sites now due to the time involved and I do them both at once.

My  two Traffic Exchanges are owned by the same person.  These web pages are really clean of excessive advertising, with clearly indicated action steps.  Look at a page - someone else looks at yours.  Depending on your performance weekly they give you their referrals to email once a week. Traffic Exchange #1 and Traffic Exchange #2





There are different definitions for tools.  At least for me as you can look at everything as a tool.  A tool for me is a program that will mechanically do something.  Like the Search Engines are a tool that find you information.  “WhatIs” is a tool as it will tell you who owns a website and its history.  My computer calculator is a tool.  There are a couple of tools I don't want to be without now and they are unique. 

Everyone tells you that you have to have keywords for your web pages to make them effective for searchers or Search Engines to find your web pages.  So how do you figure out what keywords to use for any article or web page you make?  I kept reading about this scenario but no one  was really specific.  Like step one - step two and so on.  I mean you can do the Google thing and maybe you have a keyword tool but how to implement all the information that gets assembled.  This tool gives you exactly what to do.  I think their marketing approach is work intensive but the results are reliable.

Statistics are now claiming that over 50% of the online sales come from the use of Videos.  Do you know how to make videos.  Neither did I.  I still don't but I can make all the videos I need with these people.  Free to start as well. 

When you have been around the Internet for awhile you collect affiliate links or links you have generated to your web pages and blogs.  You can generate a whack of extra traffic by using Rotators.  I know there are pros and cons about using them, but experience has proven to me there are more pros then cons.  They work.



A Traffic Bar  Besides generating traffic it also has tools that are quite handy.  Has a good e-book library for download too.

You Need Leads  The download list gives you the source from where the leads come from, when, first and last name, address, town, state, phone number, etc., all for free.  You can upgrade the quantity of leads you get each month by obtaining referrals - 10 per level and there are 5 levels.  I found the lists clean and reliable.  Use them.

This is major Lead List which gives you 60,000 leads per month.  They also give you leads on a daily basis  This one is free for 7 days then you must purchase.  It is a good investment.  The leads are email addresses only and can only be used once.




Saying Goodbye to Google & Harvey Segal & Unique SuperTip can change how you market on the Internet.

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