Who Are You For Real?

Confirm who you are by obtaining old records and information you have misplaced, dystroyed or lost.

This can be done by using a Deepweb Search Engine. If you are not familiar with this type of search please refer to our previous page in the Home section titled "30% of all Searches are for People". This search engine should not be used by novices, triflers or just curious.

You are offered one free search as a sample of what you can expect and also to become familiar with the terms and conditions of use. After your free sample if you wish to continue using this Search Engine you will be required to accept their terms and conditions "each time" you use their service. You will also be required to deposit funds which will be held as a pool from which the fee for each search is deducted.

Getting Involved

You will then be given access to the Member area and all the services for specific information are clearly outlined for you to review before you start your search. There are over 30 different resources, tools and searches to help you with your investigation. Until you are familiar with them, take your time to learn what these different venues offer and how to use them.

There are two types of searches which are referred to as Direct and Unlimited. Each type of Search offers explicit types of information so make sure the type of information you are seeking in contained in the type of Search you choose.

Information Overview

This information has been recorded on a day to day basis by whomever was employed to do so. Although every effort is always employed in any business to accurately record their data still be aware any information may have errors and/or not always be accurate or complete. Therefore any information you obtain from any of the websites used to obtain this data is provided to you "AS IS" as the Search Engine has no control whatsoever over the contents. This is not to be considered as harsh but rather, realistic. You have no control over what kind of information you obtain from a static search and the same holds true to this type of search as well.

You are not allowed resell the information you obtain under any circumstance. Nor are you allowed by law to duplicate, share or otherwise act in any manner that would be considered indiscreet and/or even criminal. Therefore take whatever precautions you deem necessary to protect yourself and the data you obtain. This industry is tightly controlled by legislation. At one time only the Government was allowed to access all the information you are gaining access to now.

The Company is NOT a consumer reporting agency as defined under the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA"), and the information in threir databases has not been collected in whole or in part for the purpose of furnishing consumer reports, as defined in the FCRA. The resulting records may not be used to:

  1. establish an individual's legibility for personal credit or insurance;
  2. assess risks associated with existing consumer credit obligations;
  3. evaluate an individual for employment, promotion, reassignment or retention (including employment of household workers such a nannies, housekeepers, or contractors);
  4. in conjunction with assessing the merits of entering into any other personal business transaction with another individual

Conditions of Use

Use of this Company comes with conditions of use and upon your placing an order you are considered to have explicity agreed to all the terms and conditions of use, some of which are outlined below:

Short List of Searches

Marriages/Divorces | Death Index Check | Work Licenses | Property Ownership | Age/Date of Birth | Alias Maiden Name | Comprehensive Background Check | Distinguishing Bodily Marks | List of Relatives with Addresses | Possible Neighbors | Roommates and Associates | Federal & State Tax Liens | Federal & Civil Judgments | Federal & Civil Bankruptcies | Police Records | Arrest & Court Warrants | Check for Criminal Felonies, Misdemeanors & Sex Offences |

Once you have been run through the system everyone will know who you are for real.

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