Agent Fees are not necessary when selling your home

Real Estate sales are gradually recovering and you can optimize the sale of your home or purchase of property with this program

Did you know you can sell your home yourself, that is, without an Real Estate Agent? It can be done through a service on the Internet which began in 1997. Many people have used this service and their success has risen this Company to be considered #1 on the Internet. It also encourages buyers to purchase real estate on their own as well.

Many would hesitate to consider selling their homes themselves because of the laws of the land, required forms and agreements usually considered being in the realm of lawyers and real estate agents, and passing a valid Deed. Still through through the services offered which show you how to sell your home yourself, it is not only viable, it is practical. They provide you with all the information and services you need while progressing with your transaction and you can also engage services of any professional you choose if you want to.

Benefits based on the averages of previous successes are:

Read the "Frequently Asked Questions and Sellers Tips" before you get started on selling your home yourself.

The first thing of course is to list your property. Before you decide on a selling price you should apply for their instant Value Report. This appraisal is the same as used by Banks and Lenders. You can purchase a 9 month property listing starting at a flat fee of $69.95. This includes a video of your premises and unlimited photos. You may upgrade this listing if you desire.

They also offer Multiple Listing Service at a flat fee of $299 in many of the States. A list of particulars is provided with details for each State. The Agent fees are negotiated with the buyer's Agent too and usually are reduced to being only 2.5% to 3.5%. Agent fees are always negotiable and many people are not aware of that.

All of the real estate forms, contracts, supplies, signs, books, even a lock box are also available for you. If you are not computer friendly and have issues with any aspect of doing this yourself, you simply contact the the support staff, outline what you need done and they will either help you with it or do it for you. Selling your home yourself may be the way out of a difficult situation with the value of property being so dramatically reduced.

On the other hand, being a Buyer in this market is another option.

The first thing you need to do when buying, is search the property listings, pending foreclosures, and property tax sales anywhere in the United States or Canada. Just complete the questionnaire to zoom into the area of your interest.

Read the "Frequently Asked Question" page and also "Buyer's Tips" page to give you an edge and before you get too excited. There are things you have to know or do to protect your intended transaction. Also, a triple Free Credit Report is available to you online.

Then move on to the Foreclosure section, where you can search for foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, bankruptcies, and tax lien properties in any State you chose. This is a real eye opener.

At the moment mortgage rates are still very low. Before you get too crazy with your shopping get pre-qualified so that you know just how much you can afford to invest. Get 2 or 3 quotes from the mortgage lenders and let them know that you are working with other brokers too so that they give you their best rates as there is some fluctuation in fees and rates.

Next, look at the Open House section for the dates and addresses of where you may want to view. Some of the listings require appointments. If you make an appointment - keep it or phone before hand to let the Vendor know you will not be coming. It is a lot of work being ready for showing a home and courtesy by all parties goes a long way.

Now it is quite acceptable for you to sell or buy your own properties without paying Agent fees'. Try It!

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