Every so often something comes along. This is one of those times.

Play games. Play for free. Either earn credits or money. Use credits to play Prize Games. Share with Friends, Family and Associates.

Looking for Leaders ...Not Subscribers

Phase 1: Pre-Build August, 2013. Opened in Beta and Leaders start looking for Leaders.

Phase 2: Playing Games starts September 2013. The game opens but can only be played online. During this phase Leaders will start advertising and collecting players to register for free on the game website. These are people who are interested in playing for free and sharing with friends and winning money. The game upgrade will release the tools you would need to start mass promotion as well

Phase 3: Apps released in October and November - available for download in Apple iStore and Google Play Stores.

Play, Share, Win!

The cost to become Leader is $89.95 (includes 40 tickets to play for prizes) and then $40/month, for a further 40 tickets. The company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all membership fees.

As a leader you will earn 5% down each of 10 generations of both Leaders and Customers, plus a bonus of $100 each month for every 5 active Leaders you have sponsored.

The final kick-off is whenever these customers pay to play and win…you win too.

As well as free games there are also paid competitions, with tickets from just a dollar. Prizes include Designer Handbags, Watches, Dream Trip Vacations, Cars and even Homes.

All members are encouraged to share the App with their friends via texting, through social media, email, etc. Each member is given a unique member ID to share with their friends.

When a person downloads the free game App from the App Store or the website they will need to enter the unique ID of their friend to activate it.

You refer people to the game website or to the App Stores to download and install the App for Free. They get to play in the Free daily competitions and win cash prizes, some worth thousands.

When you share the game with a friend they are linked to you as a direct referral, if they win at any time in the future you also win the same prize as long as you play the exact same competition. This is what will make the game viral on the most basic level.

This is the program, the plan and the cost. See you online and winnng. To learn more click here

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