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There are many Internet publications available to you and you need one that keeps you up on everything going on with the Internet.

Everyone one has their own opinion about what is important for creating and operating a website, an online business or an online service. The most important feature to remember about these venues is that they are relatively new to the world at large vis-a-vis the Internet. This means that the entire industry is in a constant state of flux and the guru's of choice change almost everyday. Use that feature to give yourself license to do what works for you in a way that you feel is the most appropriate and comfortable for what your goal is. Sound business practices will always prevail, however the Internet allows us to change how these principals are adapted.

Following the latest fad of the "Social Sites" is an interesting phenomena. Although it has created a ton of traffic for many of the users of Social Sites it has in turn brought in a whack of tire kickers. Useless comments, air-head questions, insincere observations and account spam can be beyond believe. Still, some business heads give the impression they would be out of business without the support of their social site viewers. It makes one wonder doesn't it? This is just one example of what is happening on the Internet.

Have you ever done a Search looking for Internet Magazines? At the time of writing this article, Google offered 378,000,000 links for Internet Magazines. How many life times would it take to review all these Internet magazine links? How long would it take you to find a couple that you could depend on to consistently give you insight to what is generally and specifically happening on the Internet and with whom and even why?

This is an introduction to "Website Magazine"

I have received a free subscription from them going on six years going by the hard copies of their publication of which I save - all of them. When you apply for a free subscription you get a beautiful full color, glossy stock, coffee table magazine that most anyone will pick up and get involved with if you leave them out.

Each edition is usually around 50 pages and has about 15 articles plus the editorials. There is lots of full page advertisements which tell you the Industry places value on the publication too.

Aah-Haa, if it is so good how come you are not getting their monthly subscription which costs about $45.00 per year? It's embarrassing to bring this up but because this website and myself are Canadian, the Website Magazine charges almost double to what someone is the United States would pay. It is a common occurrence and really irritating - hence the free subscription. Sometimes I forget what I am because the two nations are so closely tied in so many ways. This is one of my little rebellions but still I hang in with the publishers of the magazine as it is too good not to have access to.

"Well", you say, "you can always read the magazine online.". That is also true. Now, let's go past the first time you read about a subject and you want to refer to what you read initially. What issue was the article in - in fact which magazine was the article in and so on? This is when having hard copy becomes invaluable. The other time I have an issue with reading publications online is when there are no electronics available, like travelling.

Keep sharp with current trends, statistics and practices with a first class trade Internet publication - "Website Magazine".

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