Long Distance Phone Charges Are Not Necessary

New technology has happened to make it possible to avoid long distance phone call fees to anywhere in the world.

You can now chat with family and friends, or make as many business calls as often and as long as you want for Free. Absolutely no cost for the calls anywhere in the world.

How? The caller and the receiver must each have a computer hooked up to the Internet. Each must also have an adapter for their computer. You must also have a land-line or cell phone for each location. One end of the adapter plugs in to a USB plug on each computer and the other end of the adapter plugs into a phone. This is an advanced Broadband - a VOIP program. That means you are communicating through your computers and not the phone lines of your respective localities.

How Much! The first year's lease for an adapter will cost you $39.99, plus any applicable taxes and shipping. In subsequent years the lease fee is $19.99 per unit. Your actual long distance calls are free. No one is monitoring how often you use your phone or how long you use it. The adapter is the key.


  1. Each adapter provides you with an United States phone number
  2. You pick the area code.
  3. Voice Mail
  4. Call Waiting
  5. Three Way Calling
  6. Directory Assistance
  7. Customer Service

Canadian phone numbers are available upon request.

Now the weight of paying that monthly long distance phone bill will no longer stop you from phoning your child at college. You don't have to worry about a family member who is in the hospital. You can phone them daily to give them comfort and yourself peace of mind. You can call whenever you want or need to, to anyone at any time. Especially if they or you are having difficulty adjusting to being away from home.

If you have family outside of our Country, you will be able to pick up the phone whenever you want and chat for minutes or hours - your choice and desire. This is a new definition of freedom (from bills).

One would think this would be an absolute must for Companies. Total up your last 5 years of long distance bills to appreciate what you can save for your Company. You can eliminate that overhead by simply clicking on the link below. This is a significant savings investment.

Think about it

Free Local And Long Distance Phone Calls just for the having!

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