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Artisteer - Automated Web Designer

This software want or need to have a website or in the very least a web page. In fact the less you know the easier it is to maneuver around as you are not looking for or trying to do procedures based on what you already know. The program is very different from other web page making software as it is a Content Management System (CMS)so you have some control but basically it pulls you along with what it has been programmed to do, which is make web pages or blogs.

This is a software suite that can be downloaded for free. Be prepared to want everything you see as this is so professional it would be hard to place a website done with Artisteer beside a webmasters endeavors and figure out which is which. You can play with it and become totally familiar with everything excepting you cannot save anything until you obtain a license for it. Which is not quite true as you can export what you do, even in the free mode.


They want you to try it out before you order it as it saves a lot of customer service should the software be beyond comprehension. That can happen and they are trying to make allowances for it by giving everyone a chance to see if they can understand what is to be done. Most people can, as clicking on tools or scripts, or toggles isn't all that hard. Still it would be your website so you do have to control the whole of it, like what colors, images (which are provided), size of fonts (text) and so on.

This software creates validated HTML and CSS web pages.

You will need your own content for the web pages. If you are not comfortable writing, lean on your significant other or someone else in the family if you can. Doing it yourself is preferable, leaning should be a second choice or you can always go to or such like and buy the services of a writer.

The perfect part of using this software is you do not have to learn HTML, CSS, Photoshop or any of the other technologies generally associated with web pages. It is all self-contained and you just pick and choose how and what you want to work with. It is now common when you don't have the time to work on a project to just get your kids to create the pages for you. Many of them can do it and especially with this aide.


Artisteer supports many Platforms.

Whether you choose to create a web page or work on a blog like WordPress this software allows you to create your own templates and is easy to upload. It is also friendly with Joomla and Drupul other open source programs for template designing. It is a great tool for webmaster to add to their tool box due to its expediency. It is also noteworthy knowing that Artisteer is in binary until such time as it is exported when it changes to html. We said it was different.

Artisteer will start your career as a webmaster or at the very least an owner of a blog, web page or web site.

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