This site was developed to assist visitors to become more computer and Internet friendly.



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This site was developed to assist you to become more computer and Internet friendly.

It is hoped to give you some understanding and familiarization of doing basic tasks that all of us have to learn for using the Internet.  It will also build up your confidence for being in this venue.  Most of all it is the beginning of opening your mind to think in this environment. It will also save you time from having to search for this information everywhere on the Internet,

Hopefully it is your start to a long,  enjoyable and rewarding  experience with the  Internet.  For those of you that have already achieved this status, we hope to have give you a good read and you find interesting and useful material too.

We have taken every effort to design our Web site to be useful, informative, helpful, honest and fun.

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Article Marketing is one of the most effect methods of promoting and obtaining website traffic.

Another sister website made for writers and website owners

Presentation Media

Animated graphics & clipart.

We love to shop at Portobello Place where we can find just about anything!

Visit another of our sister websites.   Ease of mind for online shopping can be put to rest with a few Do's and Don'ts.

Our Avatar for Buzzing Around Blog which is also ours.

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Common sense home remedies

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A sister website for folks that want to build their own lists and need some info to do it..
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Another example of the usefulness of the Internet is this presentation for Monarch Butterflies.

A Choice Link
A very explicit presentation for Monarch Butterflies.  Great for school project or science lab presentation. 

New Orleans Mardi gras masks are fascinating and the area needs your support.

Mardi Gras Masks
Even if you are not going to the Mardi Gras this store is very interesting.  Enjoy!