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This map was made to assist you and I find a link quickly on this website as many of these links I work with on a continual basis.

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The headings are the tab sections see the Nav Bar above, sample "Home".

The numbered lines are our linked web pages for each tab containing the links.

The bullet lines are a brief description of the links so we can find what we want quickly. Once you have found what you are looking for click on the numbered line above the brief description to get the link to what you were looking for. They are in alphabetical order here but not on the containing web page.

I just use "C" (Control) + "F" to find the subject I am looking for to get done quickly.

That is easy - isn't it?


  1. Are You Part of the Internet Business Revolution
    • for free tutorials on HTML, CSS and PHP to build your own website.
    • W3 Schools free Internet Learning Centre for HTML, CSS etc.
    • >W3C Link Checker for checking all your website links are working.
    • W3C Validator Suite for checking code & validating code.
  2. Autoresponder are List Buddies>
    • Aweber is an autoresponder service and touted as most used.
    • Campaign Monitor offers good articles for using autoresponders.
    • GetResponse is a new autoresponder service featuring new ideas.
    • MailChimp is an autoresponder service with some great ideas.
    • TrafficWave is an autoresponder service which offers a flat rate.
    • A gab session on the Warrior Forum about the various autoresponders and their experiences.
  3. 30% of All Internet Searches Globally Are To Find People
    • Elite People Search Download for free deepnet browser.
    • Infomine is a virtual library of Internet resources relevant to faculty, students, and research staff at the university level.
    • The Hidden Wiki is a deepnet search engine (Remember to click on the text when opening to fully open page).
    • Tor is a deepnet search engine.
  4. Do You Need a Website?
  5. Downloads Are Not Necessarily Good
    • 7-Zip is s an Open Source program like WinZip but supposed to be better.
    • C Net download portal for downloads and client/user reviews.
    • Conduit a work and play area for "apps" including mobiles.
    • Ubuntu is a list of all the Open Source programs available through this group.
  6. Does "Free" Get You Every Time
    • Linux Viewer to check out how well your website is available to spides, bots and so on
    • Andreas Viklund - Templates List - open source templates in xhtml/css and html5/css
    • Artisteer is an "wysiwyg" editor for those that do not do hand code. Free Download Offer
    • Hostgator for those needing a good home for their website and valid assistance for themselves.
    • Audit My PC contains Free Security Scans, Speed Tests and Web Tools.
    • Free Tech Books is a source of Free online Computer Science and programming books, textbooks and lecture notes.
    • Tag Crowd is a useful site if you write or buy articles for your website. It analyzes and counts word frequencies for starters.
    • The Plagiarism Checker finds plagiarized text in homework and other essays/reports.
  7. How to Get Started On The Internet
    • Affiliate Ranker is a quick way to find products to work with as an Affiliate.
    • Amazon - it takes a bit of reading to get a handle on their system.
    • Google Search Engine is a search engine.
    • I-Tunes for the iTunes Affiliate Program.
    • Share-A-Sale is a middleman between Merchants and Affiliates.
    • Wikipedia is a major Internet encyclopedia.
  8. SEO Tools You Need
    • Google Page Rank Checker to keep tabs on your own web pages to see how they are growing.
    • Internet Marketing Ninjas with almost every tool imaginable for you to crank up your web page.
    • Links Lister for getting good backlinks from comparable websites to your own.
    • WC3 - Quality Assurance Tools.


  1. Are You An Affiliate Tumbleweed?
    • Amazon - we all know Amazon.
    • Affiliate Guide is a guide to the best web affiliate programs and pay per click offers.
    • LinkShare they work with very high quality merchants and are good to affiliates.
    • Share A Sale represents and joins Merchants with Affiliates.
  2. Creme de la creme Submission Software
  3. Stay Sharp with "Website Magazine"
    • Feed Books 30,000 public domains and authors uploading their content.
    • Many Books has 29,000+ public domain books hand proofed.
    • Mobile Read has For kindle format - click Mobipocket (Mobi).
    • Munseys has 32,000 eBooks including Kindle.
    • Open Library has Over 30 million records.
    • Project Gutenberg is a a volunteer effort to digitize and archive cultural works.
    • Technical Books Online offers technical books published before 1964.
    • World Library has 50,000 PDF eBooks in over 100 languages.
  4. Marketing With Free Online Power Tools
  5. Long Distance Phone Charges Are Not Necessary
    • 1-800 Phone Provider.
    • 3CX Phone System.
    • Free WebinarName.
    • LinkedIn Learning Webinars.
  6. Agent Fees are not necessary when selling your home
    • Moving Checklist download from Microsoft.
    • Moving Check List #2.
    • Room Arranger Software.
  7. Enjoy Electricity Anywhere You Want
  8. Open Your Own Video Gallery
  9. Who Are You For Real?


  1. Get In Touch
    • About-Blogging Directory
    • All-Blogs Directory
    • Aviva Blog Directory
    • Best of the Web Blogs Directory
    • Blog Bib Directory
    • Blog Listing Directory
    • Blog Search
    • Blog Top Sites Directory
    • Blog Universe
    • Blogcatalog-Writers & Photographers
    • Blogdigger-the search engine for RSS and blogs
    • Blogarama Directory
    • Blogflux Center
    • Bloggernity Directory
    • Bloghub Directory
    • Blogz Search Engine
    • Crayon Newspaper services
    • Eaton Web-A Blog Directory
    • Globe of Blogs
    • LS Blogs Directory
    • MeltWater--Ice Rocket Blog Directory
    • Read A Blog Directory
    • Technorati Blog Directory
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