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  1. Are You Part of the Internet Business Revolution
  2. Autoresponder are List Buddies
  3. 30% of All Internet Searches Globally Are To Find People
  4. Downloads Are Not Necessarily Good
  5. Does "Free" Get You Every Time
  6. How to Get Started On The Internet
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  8. Article Marketing
  9. List Building | Autoresponders


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  2. Who Are You For Real?
  3. Are You An Affiliate Tumbleweed?
  4. Creme de la creme Submission Software
  5. Stay Sharp with "Website Magazine"
  6. Marketing With Free Online Power Tools
  7. Long Distance Phone Charges Are Not Necessary
  8. Agent Fees are not necessary when selling your home
  9. Enjoy Electricity Anywhere You Want
  10. Use Artisteer To Create Websites
  11. Open Your Own Video Gallery


This Blog in is based on my own experiences. It has been a real up and down series of trials and errors. I am not a 'Geek', 'Tekkie' or any other such like title people seem to drift to. I am a 'user' and as such find myself in situations that many times are undesirable. The Blog is just a journal of experiences. Hope it helps you from doing some of the dumb things I did. Bottom line though: It is also a journal of learning which can only be good.


This area is devoted entirely to hyperlinks. Some of them were scraped off of the "Old Pages" and many of them are what I use in my day to day use of the Internet and my websites. Some of them I have never used and they are here because we traded links as I thought they might be useful to you or I just put them in as I thought they might be useful to us at sometime or other. I hate having to stop everything just to go looking for a business I need and then trying to sort out the chaff - know what I mean?


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