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What are Downloads?


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Downloads are  programs (utilities)  that enhance your flexibility and ability to create and maneuver activities in your computer and the Internet.

An example would be Adobe Reader.  This program allows you to save to your computer some of the articles you will find on the Internet and then be able to read the article from your computer after you have come off of the Internet.  This conserves your Internet time and saves you money.  You  need this program by the way, or one similar. 

There are thousands of others.  They will do File Management, or give you  more speed, or you might need a fax component for your computer, etc., etc., etc.  You think that when you bought your computer, everything that you needed was installed by your dealer.  In a very general sense this is true.  However, what about your own druthers?  And what about the bugs that come with the programs that your equipment was loaded with.  All of the programs have some sort of glitches and it depends on what you use your computer for as to whether or not you will encounter them.

So you need Downloads.

Downloads come as Freeware, Shareware or as Purchases that you buy over the Internet or Your local computer shop.

Freeware Downloads  are available for free.  If you find out about them and you think you can use the download, download it after  you find the web sites that offers that program.  

Shareware Downloads  are there for the having too, but  with a string attached.  You generally can try a program for a certain amount of time or number of events, then if you like it you buy it or delete it because it will not work, or if it does is will be only a partial application.  It is a good way to evaluate the program  before you put out your hard earned cash.

Commercial Products Downloads are available all over the Internet.  Just search for the manufacture's name and Voila! - you can buy their products over the Internet, or if you still want to talk about it, slip down to your computer store guru and get some of the inside dope.  Not a bad idea, right?



If you plan to download directly from the Internet, make sure that you read everything before you download it and print out the instructions too.  Make sure the application has been designed for your system, i.e.-Windows  98, NT, XP OR Mac.  Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive to handle it.  Try and determine if the application is compatible to the programs you are already working with.  Microsoft is totally invasive and literally takes over your registry.  Well, many of us need Microsoft, so we live with it.  However, there are other programs out there that are just as bad and you can get yourself in a real bind if you don't understand what or where the downloaded program is going to be stored and how it functions.  A good rule of thumb is:- to delete any program through your Control PanelAdd or Delete....Components.

Now are you ready to get your feet wet, or if you are an old hand at this, why just check out what the latest updates are.

You need Winzip to open up certain types of files.  Everybody needs it.  You can buy it or get the free version to learn how to use it.  If you keep the "Freebie" you will have to click a button each time you use it.

Go to a Search Engine of your choice, and type in "downloads".  Then browse the different links and pick the one that appeals to you the most.

Look for a file in your Directory (C:/)called "Download"  If you can't find it - make a file in your directory - usually C:/.  Call the new file "Download" .  Whenever you download a file to your computer always store it in your "Download" file then you will always know where it is.  If you delete a program after you have installed it, remember to go to "Downloads" and delete the compressed file for the program you deleted.  After you have downloaded it go to your Download file and double click the link you just brought in.  The file will then open or you will need "Winzip" to open it for you.

So, that is easy, isn't it?

Keep an eye on the available space in your hard drive and make sure you do backups.  If your computer ever happens to crash (blue line) or a virus infects your computer your hard drive may have to be reformatted and this will erase all the information you have stored.  Without a backup you will have to put in all the time and effort it took to to find and reinstall all these extra programs.

So You Need Downloads Don't You?  Now You Know.

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