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How To Have Electricity Anywhere In the World – No Charge - After Your Initial Investment!

It is amazing that electricity as we use it today started only about 400 years ago.  In the first world countries we assume that access to electricity for our homes and work places is a given and we are put out if for some reason the electricity is not available.  However, that is not the case in many parts of the world today. 

For those of us that are fortunate enough to be living in the right country, we simply go to the Electric Company; sign up for an account, then pay them for the rest of our lives.  ...Why?

Well, they have to wire the areas that are supplied with electricity.  They have to provide the man power to maintain the electric lines and other essentials like the generators.  They have to locate sources of electricity, quite often through our waterways where they destroy the natural habitant to make the big dams.  Or, they will outsource with the nuclear power plants, which already can’t figure what to do with the nuclear waste. But that has been resolved  by simply placing the nuclear waste on selected parts of the ocean floor or stored in hidey-holes in out-of-the-way places around the world.

So, really electricity costs us far more than just the monthly bill we pay each month.

Is there an alternative to this situation?   - -- Yes, there is.

It is the electromagnet generator.  This technology appeared in the mid 1800s when a Hungarian chap was the first to come up with a workable design but he didn’t know it and never patented his product. Six years later another design was developed and it carried on from there. These plans have been suppressed for a long time by other companies whose interests were not served having this technology well known.

(Just a passing note - Mr. William (Bill) Gates is reported to be listed as one of the inventors on a recent patent application for an "Electromagnetic engine", as reported by


You can have electric power anywhere in the world.  Yes!

Up until the 1960’s, some vehicles used DC generators with electromagnetic regulators. Due to the weight factor alternators replaced them. The first use industry put this science to, was the Dynamo Generator for generating electricity. So the technology was used for awhile and then primarily suppressed. However, man always being curious, continued to experiment, and develop this technology. This is a presentation of the current technology for this application.

Think about it! Any place in the world could actually have electricity without all the harmful effects that are currently being employed. So your cabin is 100 miles from nowhere, install your own electromagnetic generator. Or how about your RV. Get rid of the hook-up fees at each stop. Anywhere, everywhere even your favorite desert island. And don’t stop there; use an electromagnetic generator for your home too. According to statistics the average United States homeowner pays almost $1,200 per year for having electricity serviced to their home.

By constructing this power generator, you will be able to generate completely free electric energy, meaning, create energy without needing any source of renewable or non-renewable energy. The electromagnetic generator powers itself and creates energy by itself, without requiring solar energy, heat, water, coal or any kind of resource. This generator powers itself and works indefinitely, without stopping, creating a large amount of energy. If you are a handyman, you can build this generator

These plans would cost you $49 U.S. to obtain. The material to build the generator costs about $100. The material is obtainable from any hardware source. You get a 60 day – no questions asked if you are not satisfied with the plans –money back guarantee. You also get technical support to help you as you build your electromagnetic generator, if you need it. You also get your independence from your Electric Company – no charge.

So think about it…or Order