Autoresponders Are List Buddies

Why an Autoresponder will be your List Buddy

Very often, people forget that they have given out their e-mail address or give it out so frequently that they loose track of where they did this. Then, if their e-mail address has not been "double opted-in" and they report you to your Internet Service Provider as a spammer you could lose your e-mail service. Yikes! So, it is best to double opt-in your leads.

If you have your own website and use your Domain e-mail, and you have been reported as a Spammer, your Website Host will generally be more lenient on you however, it only takes 2 or 3 bad reports and you could lose that e-mail address as well. So be aware and take this extra step. Use your Domain e-mail address or G-mail so your offers can be received.

Then the beauty of working with an autoresponder really kicks in. You have to write e-mail letters to the people whom responded to your initial offer. They are known as leads or prospects. First an e-mail letter to thank your prospect for signing up with you and then the second e-mail letter to fulfill whatever service or subscription you plan on offering them.

Then another e-mail letter to inquire if what they received from you met their level of expectation and included with this e-mail letter is a backend offer. A backend offer is another "opportunity" that you just happen to have on hand. If you don't have any opportunities look around at the Free Sites and chose a good service for prospects. When you find another opportunity that you feel is good for both you and your prospects, you will use this as another opportunity to send them another e-mail letter outlining the new service or product.

Try to respond to your leads as soon as possible. This lessens the chance of your prospect forgetting who you are or what you offered to them.

How do you get Leads?

The usual format to get leads is by using "capture", "lead" or "splash" web pages (they are all the same thing) containing a Form requiring an e-mail address and other information if necessary. The length of these web pages can be contained in a "1-fold":(this is where you do not have to scroll down on a web page), however, a "2-fold" web page is the ideal response size. Short and easy to read generally but remember the content is really what is the most important.

You already know about this as you often get emails offering you free E-Books, Newsletters or Know-How Articles. When you click on the link you are required to at least give your e-mail address. That is e-mail harvesting and your e-mail address is a lead, which will find its way into an Autoresponder and you have made your way onto someone's prospect list.

Another way to get leads is to offer a service. The most common service is giving away free Web Tools which are generally required or extremely useful when making web pages, operating programs - like keyword finding, and Autoresponders too. We subscribe to several services that generate anywhere from 800 to 2000 leads per day.

You then load these addresses in to an Autoresponder for verification or double opt-in. If you pass this step, your are taking a chance on not having any records to prove that a prospect did apply for your service or subscription at some time or another.

Too often this is where the abuse of a prospect list comes in.

Use your common sense. How often do you appreciate opening up your e-mail account to find a gazillion emails waiting for you? We have gotten to know some of these marketers names like family as they send 1 to 3 emails daily. That is really nuts. It is the best way to lose credibility with your prospects.

It is recommended that you do not use the e-mail ads your program suppliers prepare for you. Generally, they tend to be too self-serving and generalized. Research the program you want to present, think about what appealed to you, review the benefits and then try to write the simplest e-mail ad you can using the information you have determined. This takes a little practice and no one is perfect, so don't sweat it, but at least try to make your e-mail ads personalized, informative and s h o r t.

Your subject line will generally determine if your prospect is going to open up your e-mail. So don't be stupid here. Sorry, but there are so many stupid subject lines sent out everyday and it is so futile. Focus on what appealed to you. That is probably what will appeal to someone else too. Do not capitalize each word, that is considered shouting. Try to stay within 60 characters. Do not use ?? - ## - @@ and such like. This is just telling your prospect your are not a professional. If you use a text e-mail ad more folks can open these up. HTML ads are generally more appealing but you don't know how old the computers are which your prospects are using, never mind what programs. If you want everyone to be able to open up your emails, the text version is a better bet.


Most Internet Marketing is done with a lease type autoresponder and Aweber is the most popular of them all. Their rates start at $19.95 US per month and these rates will increase as your prospect list grows. It is a cost of doing business. Do a Search to find out more about the Companies and compare their services to your needs. offers an Autoresponder service for your business on a fixed monthly rate of $17.95, regardless of how many subscribers you have. This service provider is very user friendly. It allows you to track all of your advertising, marketing and promotions which is a big plus. They offer a 30-days-free Trial so you can make up your own mind.

There are other websites offering Autoresponders services as well. Start by checking out what your web Host is offering.

There is software available to install autoresponder programs on your own equipment but unless you are tekkies inclined and understand a whack about systems, data bases etc., it is easier and less time consuming just to lease the service. The other reason you would do this is by hosting your own the list can build up to quite a foot-print. Do you have the time and expertise to cope with this as it is a continuing phenomena if your business is successful?

It is best to examine your options very closely as it is very time consuming changing autoresponder hosts due to their requirements. Your e-mail list is generally not acceptable to them as they are very careful due to the spamming regulations. It usually involves sending another e-mail to your prospects asking them to opt-in.again. So the sooner you resolve what you plan on doing the less aggravation you are going to experience later.

Before you sign up with an autoresponder service,

Now it is time for you to find your own Autoresponder to become your List Buddy.

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