When is free really free?

Anything that is free should… do what you expect it to; you expect to use it; and it doesn't cost anything.

When the kids get a toy in their morning cereal and they realize it isn't what they were hoping for - they drop it or forget it. However the feeling of frustration from this happening reappears when they search out the next toy.

Don't we, as adults do that too? We all get lots of e-mail telling us to get an e-book if we click this link or watch a video. Or, if we give our e-mail address they offer us a website. Someone has figured out what we might do for an offer for something, but at the same time they get some of our information or begin their drip process to get us to buy something.

Why do we do it?

We all know that it is a ploy or a carrot on a stick for something we probably don't want or ever thought of. And there are some people which don't think things through either. But, just because it is stated as free - we'll take it. Usually we don't do anything with it or even want it but hey - it was offered.

Try to look behind the 'Free' on the Internet

Say you decide that an offer for gratis Leads is a good deal as you need Leads for your Prospect List. How do you determine how many times these leads have been given away and to how many other marketers? How old are the leads? Or, how genuine are they? Folks have gotten wise to leaving their e-mail information on sites and quite often give misleading information. How many of the leads are invalid? Have the leads been double-opted before you got them or do you have to do that process too? So you really don't know what you are getting do you? All you need is one spam complaint filed with the right web site and you could begin the nasty process involved to stop spam. So you have to be pretty careful here don't you?

Okay. So what about web sites that are being offered to you for nothing? What are the issues there? How many other businesses are advertising on this website who's advertising you have to put up with? Is the website appearance respectable or are there flash banners or pop ups on it too? Do you retain ownership of the material you post to this website? Is this web site really what you want to represent you? How much control do you have over the entire page? Does it tell the world you got this web site for nothing and it carries the same offer to anyone else who looks at the web page? Does this satisfy what you want to tell the world about yourself?

Why is this subject being viewed?

It has been brought to your attention because we have all gotten blasé about this type of service or article and because this website is offering some free services which really deserve some thought and then use. They are not casual offers nor are they meant to sucker you into something which will ultimately hit your back pocket or time frame.

That is really the key. Getting suckered in. Of course giving away something is being used as a hook to get you involved, but the real question is what are you getting involved with? We have tried to be very clear with our offers. Walk around what is being offered. Are you going to use it? Is it something that would dovetail into your current business? Will it save you time? Would it be better to buy it? Are you getting the whole program? Would just a partial program meet your needs? Are there any hidden costs that are not obvious? How big is the learning curve? See! Free sometimes costs in time, obligation and computer space.

The other thing is some marketers think that because they offer something, anything for the taking, we are all going to jump at it. Sadly, that is often proven correct which is why sometimes we let good offers go by. We have gotten jaded with the whole marketing effort employed by too many. Watch for offers scattered throughout this website. We believe they could assist you in your marketing efforts.

So when you see "Free", stop and think how useful it could be to you or, are you just cluttering your computer up with junk.

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