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What is an Autoresponder?

An Autoresponder is a software program which you can maintain yourself providing you are set up for it and you have a Web Host or Internet Service Provider (ISP) which allows it. The purpose of having an Autoresponder is to begin building a prospect or customer list to generate business or repeat business.

To have your own Autoresponder you must first obtain the software. Then it has to be installed on your Web Host site. If you see an Autoresponder already set up on your Webhost, don't get excited. That Autoresponder is a simple service for you to use if you are going to be out of the office for a week or on vacation. It is usually only one email. It will answer all your incoming email with your personalize email according to the dates you provide.

Before you buy software,

Or even try some of the free ones that are available, talk to your Web Host on what their sending rate would be if you used their system. Hostgator, for example, will let you use their system but their sending capacity is 8,500 emails per each 24 hour period. Would that satisfactory for you? It might be if you are just starting out.

If you are familiar with setting up software in your Control Panel using your Web Host you are away to the races. However, you should have a good understanding of working with the various components as you are on your own for setting it up. Your Web Host may be available for setting up the Autoresponder software on their system for a fee for Services rendered. This service is not generally contained in their hosting packages.

It is time to check out the various Autoresponder Services that are available to you as well.

Sooner or later you will have to deal with them. A substantial list quite often contains many thousands of names and email addresses. If you are getting your list leads from different sources it can become very confusing unless you have a way to delete all the duplicates you will acquire, dead leads (cannot be delivered), plus using lead categories and so on.

When you are reviewing the Autoresponders Services the first thing you have to determine is the fee schedule. Is that fee schedule on a scaling basis? This means you will pay a monthly fee for up to "X" amount of subscribers. Once you go over the first quantity level there is a higher monthly fee and so on. Will you have the option of opt-in as well as double opted-in (DOI)? Do they have tutorials to help set up your account? You will need good support from the Autoresponder Service until you get a good understanding of what is required to make this Service functional for your purposes.

It is better to have your Autoresponder set up before you start getting referrals as most Autoresponders Services will not allow you to submit subscribers into their program unless the subscriber go through their double-opt-in process. Even if you double-opted your Prospects prior to subscribing to the Autoresponder Service. Maybe you should think about that and how it could relate to your business practices as you move forward with your business.

If you started building your list before you obtained an Autoresponder Service you could send an email to your list and explain you are updating your records and you would like to them to confirm the link in your next email so that they can be transferred to your new list. You will lose some of your referrals doing this. It depends on how much you have spammed your lists.

It takes a bit of concentration to get the mechanics of an Autoresponder set firmly in your mind, however if you want to be successful with your List Building you must get control of the program and fully understand what it can do for you.

Check Auto responders are List buddies for a some of the more popular Autoresponders available.

Once you have your Autoresponder Service set up in whatever way you determined your List Building success will accelerate and also free you up to work on your sales.

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