What To Watch For Marketing On The Internet

Get ready for some very exciting times on the Internet.

When you decide you are going to market on the Internet, know that there is a lot of baloney which you will have to wade through to find the kind of programs that you need to get started, or add to, or compliment the programs you have. You will see offers or get e'mail telling you it is easy to make $500 per day, or $2000 and even more and it will all happen over night, next week or next year. When you start reviewing this material you are automatically in the areas of fraud, scams and theft. Now that we have addressed this issue, be alert.

Start by doing searches on the Internet for the kinds of opportunities you are looking for.

Whether you have your own product or you decide to be an affiliate for another business the procedure is the same

Typing in the words "Business Opportunities" will land you with a years worth of reading so try to narrow it down. "Affiliate Networks" is a good search term. "Legitimate home business" will also give you some good reading. Use any kind of term or combination of words you can think of. You will know very quickly if you have found the right kind of sources you are looking for. Make sure to do searches on topics your are familiar with or which appeal to you.

When you find an offer that interests you, does the page say Who, What, Where, How? Probably not. At least not usually. You are more then likely looking at a portal page. It has enough information to get your motor running but not enough to "close" you.

Avoid clicking on their link button as that will probably get you put on someone's Prospect List. Instead copy the name of the business shown on the information page and do their business name search. If it does not show a business name, right click the page and look at the source of the web page. Do a "Find" (Control+F) to see if it shows up in the html. If that doesn't work type in the Title of the page and review all listings on the first page. It may show up in forums, reviews and other aspects of their business you are trying to determine.

You are looking for a whole web site to review.

The business website will contain the information you need to know. Make sure you review the Policy Agreement and the Privacy Agreements. Determine if the web site plans on giving your personal information to 3rd parties that is going to generate e-mail offers to you which can really become a nuisance. Find web sites of comparable businesses and read what they are offering, their business plan and what the costs are. There are the stated costs, but what about other costs you will incur on your end if you take part in the program? You know…Internet, phone, advertising, your hourly rate, new software, etc.

Read everything, print it out and put the material away for a week or bookmark the site. If you haven't forgotten all about it by then, review the program again. If you still get wired by the proposal then maybe you should look at the program seriously. Play with the numbers - it's not hard to figure out if it is viable. Note the name of the person heading the business and their actual street address and phone number. Their web site should contain this information, then confirm it by Goggling their name and address. It usually shows up in a Directory.

How To Find a Companies' Personal Information for a website.

You can do this by going to WhoIs.com. The web page will open up with a window where they have already placed "www." and you fill in the web site name but do not type in .com or .net or .org, etc. (Omit the extension of the web site name.) The web page of WhoIs.com will advise you this page is not available with a further window where you have to type in a security number that they provide. This will lead you to the hard information of who the 0wner is and other information too. If that information is cloaked then maybe you should move on.

How to get Started when you have a product or Service.

Now open up each link that is offering a product for your final search term only on the first page of the search results. Copy and paste onto Notepad or equivalent the website address, name of business and the title for their main page, plus any other information you deem pertinent. Now "right" click on the web page and click "View Source". The HTML for that web page will open up. Read down the "meta tags" for Keywords and Description: Copy and paste that information onto your Note Pad page as well. Do this for each of your closest competition. This tells you who your competition is, what they are doing, how they are doing it and with what kind of product.

These procedures are the same as if you were starting your business just down your street. It is just as serious too. Instead of going down to your local municipal hall to get the information about the location you are looking at, you have to go to these sites recommended - so it's different but it is still the same. Only this is easier. You don't have to get into your car.

Decision Time

Do you honesty think that you can do what starting a business entails? Of course you can, but do you want to now that you have thought about everything involved? Here is the crux of the matter. Now you know what to do, have a plan for how to do it, and have the money to make it happen. Are you willing to put yourself on the line?

If you plan on proceeding, take copies of the agreements and save them in your "Documents" folder. Make a special file for them. Also copy and paste any emails which are pertinent and put those in your file with any Agreements too. It may not seem important initially, but could become vitally important if your relationship with all involved is disappointing or goes sour.

We haven't gone in to all of this just to bad mouth business offers on the Internet. Rather, it is to try and prepare you against the nuts, schemers and con artists. There are some very good programs offered for getting started on the Internet. Especially today. You can make money too but you are going to have to work for it just like in the real world.


A fair number of "Opportunities" offer you a free web page. Actually, they are known as replicate pages as the same page is given to every person that signs up to the program. The Search Engines will not register those pages on their sites, as 10,000 or so copies of the same content ticks off their viewers' which is also you. So what good are those pages? It will be suggested to you to register with other Search Engines that will accept this type of content but those are generally not the Search Engines that will benefit you. It is a good idea to move on to the next offer when you encounter this or, if you really like the program make your own web page.

Now you know what to watch for when starting your own Internet Business. Isn't it exciting?

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