Popularize Your Articles Using Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is enjoying and maintaining a huge upward trend.

Article Marketing has always been known to be an effective way to promote business which has been adapted for use on the Internet as well.

If you have decided to include this type of marketing as part of your promotional program you may wish to consider engaging a Social Bookmarking campaign too.

Social Bookmarking sites were initially designed as websites where individuals could store links for information they wanted to keep for future referencing. This allowed other viewers to follow these links to see why someone desired to save that specific information. This evolved into the promotion of publications found on the Internet, published by individuals to gain both popularity and a following. Millions of people now visit Social Bookmarking sites in order to read the most popular features and promote other articles they have found and liked too. It is a ground swell on a global basis never experienced before by any other venue.

A new use for an old practice.

It is an opportunity for individuals and businesses from any and every walk of life to express their opinions and views then post these views to the world. Never before have so many people expressed such an avid interest in these views.

An publication appearing prominently on one or more of these Social Bookmarking sites can receive a lot of exposure and traffic. This makes the article more valuable. You can expect to see an increase in traffic and sales as a result of an article doing well on these sites.

Another practice which has started is where one publisher will befriend another with an agreement between them to follow each other's work and bookmark their mutual listings. Building a network of "friends" who will help promote your publication in exchange for you promoting their publications can be valuable but seems unethical and definitely a time waster.

Get Yourself Bookmarked.

The first step in getting your information bookmarked is to write a good article and distribute it online. You typically want to focus your bookmarking efforts on your website so make sure your feature is posted on your site before you start your bookmarking efforts. However, the down side of using this method is websites like "Hub", an Article Directory site, will not accept your publication as it has already been posted elsewhere. So you have to make a choice, of using Social Bookmarking or Article Directories, as they are separate entities.

The better quality or interest your feature portrays, the better chance you have of getting people to bookmark it and increase it's popularity. A short, well written and informative or entertaining publication is your best chance to get an article bookmarked by many readers. Popular publications are bookmarked by thousands of people which then take on a life of their own.

Choose your own bookmarking sites.

Open accounts to start the bookmarking process. Internet Protocol (IP) technology however makes it difficult to try to bookmark your own feature multiple times so don't do that. Beside the obvious reason, you don't need to if you have submitted a valid piece of writing.

Social Bookmarking is it is a great way to increase the popularity of your articles. If you can get your publications to become popular on the Social Bookmarking sites you will see a corresponding increase in traffic and most likely sales.

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