Common sense goes a long way to completing successful SEO

Everyone uses Search Engine Optimization in an attempt to get on the first page of any search term that is applicable to their web pages.

To determine how you present your web page, the subject is the first challenge . If you are at a loss where to start, go to Google and search for "web site trends" to see what the current vogue is. Before you start writing, determine what keywords you are going to use which are related to the subject of your web page. Keywords are not considered as important as previously touted, but they do assist the Search Engine to some degree. At least in the opine of this webmaster. It just makes sense.

The exulted results are now determined to a large degree by:

Now consider the following agenda as you are creating your web page to achieve your objective.

Determine who your competitors are. You should be aware of who you are competing with for the page ranking you require. Analyze the title of the page, also their Meta tags for the Description and Keywords. Keep that information for referencing as you progress with your web page.

To do this do a search one of your main keywords which the theme of your web page is based upon. Note the 10 listings on the first page only. Make a record of who, what, title, description, meta tags, and keywords (if used).

How does your web page compare? Don't be afraid to emulate some of what they are doing if it is applicable as well to your web page. Remember something they have done has assisted them to obtain where you want and need to be, so you have to push them down on the first pages of the search results.

Page Rank is no longer considered as important as it once was but it is still useful to record how your web page is ranked together with the date to compare at a later point what your success ratio is. Also keep track of the analytics that are generally available with your Web Host. Google also offers this service. You need some points of reference to gauge your success with positioning on search pages.

Another thing which has changed is keyword stuffing in the attribute factor of any images. Do not do that.

Content Guide

What is happening with Back Links

This used to be of prime importance. Now though you have to be super careful to only include back links which are relevant to the subject of your web page. Many of the websites have coded in a "no follow" into their link so you can put all the back links you want but whether they will do you any good for improving the strength of your webpage position is doubtful. If it makes sense do it otherwise forget it.

Using your competitors' URLs is a short cut to this procedure. It makes sense too, as your visitors will probably want to compare any content with like content and it helps them, making your site a bit more valuable by saving them time. It also makes your web page appear more user friendly.

More algorithms used by the Search Engines.

There are more aspects which will also contribute to how your web page will succeed on the Internet. After you have done your best using the above outline, determine if you have succeeded for being included in the top 10 results with searches on your major keywords. It doesn't usually happen the first time out of the gate or the fourth either.

As common sense is applicable to almost everything one more step you may consider is hiring a reputable SEO Company to do all of this for you. It would save you not only time but also money as your time should be spent selling whatever you are marketing.

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