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How can you win the Lottery??


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By finding out everything you can on how each Lottery is structured and then using strategy.

I've spent a lot of time on the lotteries. As where else can you become a millionaire with such little effort? Did I say little effort? In my mind the only way you have a running chance of winning is to pay (no pun intended) attention to the numbers and the runs of numbers that are current. I have no "favorite numbers" and because I seem to work by logic - birthdays and anniversaries used for numbers - boggle my mind. And yet, when all is said and done those numbers seem to win as often as not. So go figure! In any event, birthdays, etc., limit you to the numbers 1 to 31 and that leaves all those numbers from 32 to whatever, unattended. Quick Picks are the way over 50% of people play the lottery.  So I suppose the best way to go is what makes you feel good.

Canada, France, England and Australia have great lotteries and they are all available through the Internet. The crunch there is usually outside of these countries the government really frowns, actually, grimaces if you want to play them. There are all kind of regulations, rules, policies and such like to discourage you from doing it, however it is possible, if YOU get your facts straight BEFORE YOU win the BIG ONE!  Play the lotteries for fun however there are folks out that that really get in to it, as well as myself.

I am putting in the Lottery Links that I use and am quite happy to exchange ideas, methods etc., with you. I only work the lottery by wheeling and have all kinds of systems that I have bought. Some of those programs are expensive, at least up front, not if you win. By wheeling or combination play, you can keep fairly even by not losing much and some times I am even ahead. Not often, but sometimes. To succeed using this system you need to have access to lotteries that give good subsidiary prizes. That's why I mentioned the above, but of course there are others too, and you may have access to them, so try it. It is better to win part of something then all of nothing.

You certainly need your own software if you want to keep track of all of your chosen lotteries and Wheeling is a definite tool.

Official Canadian Lottery Site (at least one of them-there are 5 at last count done by area as not all areas have access to the same lotteries. This one has the most)

It is a 6/49. You need 6 numbers to win the jackpot. The regular jackpots run from about 2 Million. If the 6 numbers are not won that amount is rolled over (added) to the next draw which would then be 5 Million. Generally, that is because of the extra players drawn to the larger jackpots. If the 6/49 lottery is not won then the next draw is $10 Million or so. It goes up by approximately 5 Million plus per draw after the 1st one. It is paid out lump sum and tax free. So you get the jackpot money all at once when you win.

The beauty of this lottery is the subsidiary prizes. If you get 3 numbers out of 6 you win $10. If you get 4 numbers out of 6 you win proportionately and it usually somewhere between $50 to $80. A 5 numbers out 6 usually wins somewhere between $1,000 to $1,200. They also pay out 5 numbers out of 6 plus a bonus number. This amount is also divided amongst those that have these numbers and generally is between 1 to 10 people and can result in a substantial win of anywhere from $100,000 to half a Million. This is a good lottery. You have to collect the jackpot personally or by personal proxy. If the money is won but not collected by the winner within one year the money is put up again in Special Draws - it has to be won and claimed. I have friends from as far away as Australia playing this game. The Canadian government mails all their wins to them directly, however if they ever win a Jackpot they will have to come and pick up the money themselves.  Life can be so tough...

Official Australian Lotto Site. The Aussie 6/45 draws every Saturday. It used to be 2 days but not now. It is unique in that it has 2 bonus numbers that you can match up with 3/6, 4/6, 5/6 and 6/6. Yep even the jackpot. That is why it is so important to play an 8-number combination or wheel. They call it a combination play. The rest of the rules are pretty much like the Canadian Lottery, however the website has in-depth information on how to play for you and they are very quick to respond to e-mail. Take a look! They have 8 Super Draws per year and are they are even posted to the Internet.

Make sure you review their Power Ball. They have put some very interesting twists into it.

American Lotto - all of them If you prefer the official sites they are on the Internet for each (most) States. I do check out some of the official sites sometimes.  The subsidiary prizes in American Lotto are not good so don't do wheeling or combination play in any of them.

The Texas 6/49 lottery is my pick for the U.S. However, there is a general feeling that they will not pay if not a resident. That is not true. They just don't encourage you is all.

I think that the Fantasy 5 in Florida is my pick for 5/5 lotto. However, there are some other very good ones too. Many people in the United States only play this Lotto because of the ease of winning.

Everyone should have at least one ticket in the Power Ball Lotto. It is a toughie to win and the subsidiary prizes are small, so just play straight on this one. You either win it or you don't.

Official UK (British) Lotto site The money available with this lottery is simply mind bending. They structured it totally after the Canadian Lottery and it has become the Sweetheart of lottery players. It costs a Pound for a ticket. That fluxuates between $1.50 - $2.50 US. You need a reputable reseller of lottery to do this one from what I understand. I have seen jackpots posted for up to 73,000,000? and keep in mind lump sum payouts. Totally awesome.

New Zealand Lotto.  They don't like outsiders playing their game. It is a 6/40 and the money is not bad. Their currency is only about one-third of US currency so don't do it unless they have one of their specials and you have some connections that you trust.

Irish Lotto. They jumped from a 6/40 to a 6/42 a few years ago. It is structured like the Canadian 6/49 but the payouts are small. A 5/6 plus bonus is limited to $50,000, and the 5/6 pays only $5,000. However because there are less numbers it is easier to win. It pays out in pound sterling.

Winning feels G-O-O-D!