Stop causing Link Rot!

What is Link Rot?

You know - all those web pages from websites you discontinued, inadvertently lost or you changed to a different venue - all that work is link rot if the pages are no longer attached to an active domain with working links contained in the web pages.

How many times have you used a back link and gotten a '404' Error from the browser? Generally this means the web page is no longer available. It has been discontinued, cancelled or simply dropped from a website by its originator.

Everyone seems to think Google is the answer for removing unwanted or not-needed pages from the Internet. All Google can do is release this information from their Cache. It doesn't remove it from the Internet. This is where the old saying "Out of Sight"-"out of Mind" comes in. Even if Google removes it from their listings, it just means the page(s) have been pushed out another door.

I don't think many of us gave much thought to web pages which no longer served our purpose and for which we simply deleted from our computer. Unfortunately, once the data has been uploaded that data is now permanently on the Internet. If we delete our web pages from our content they become no longer assessable by anyone and reside in limbo.

The creation of this redundancy is causing some concern to parties with different interests.

The network providers are having their service clogged with inaccessible data while historians are having nervous breakdowns in the fear of losing all the wealth of information that has suddenly been released to the world.

There must be ways to have this information cleaned up from the Internet

Technical people claim there is no software that can automatically comb out this unwanted material.

Until there is some way everyone can use to permanently remove these web pages there is really no way to prevent Link Rot from happening. However, there are actions we can do to reduce the link rot:

Some people theorize it is lack of planning which causes Link Rot but if you really think about your web pages it is a natural phenomena. Of course your web pages are going to change. We are all growing.

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