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If being in the top ten websites for a category is really important to you (and it should be as it is acknowledged that any position less gets very little of the available website traffic) use SEO tools because you need to.

Determine your web page subject . If you are at a loss where to start, go to Google and search for "web site trends" to see what the current vogue is. Before you start writing, determine what keywords you are going to use that are related to the subject of your web page. The keywords are very important and if you are having difficulty determining what the most meaningful keywords would be, look at the Google Adwords program. If possible, use your most important keyword as the name of the web page.

Now consider the following agenda as you are creating your web page to achieve an exalted ranking:

1. Determine who your competitors are. You should be aware of who you are competing with for the page ranking you require. Analysis the title of the page, also the Meta tags for the Description and Keywords. Keep that information for referencing as you progress with your web page.

2. It is absolutely crucial to use some of the keywords you have decided upon in your document title. Without doing so your page will never get to where it needs to be.

3. If you already have a web page and are optimizing it, go to to determine your current web page rank position. Also check out what your web traffic has been for the past month. These will be check points later to evaluate your improvements.

4. Now work your keywords into the body of the web page as you are writing being careful not to have the keyword density too high.

5. If you are using images, do not stuff keywords in the attribute text.

6.When preparing the Meta Tags for your web page the first keyword should be the most important one and then a sliding scale of importance for the remaining keywords. Try to limit the amount of keywords to no more than 12. The Description should also contain keywords.


Before you submit your web page to the Search Engines you will need to add Back links to web pages sharing the same subject as your specific web page.

Using your competitors URLs is a short cut to this procedure. It makes sense too, as your visitors will probably want to compare your content with like content and it helps them, making your site a bit more valuable by saving them time. By doing so, makes your web page appear more user friendly. However, if you find some outbound links which contain some of your keywords; using those URLs would be stronger for strengthening your web page position.


You should also consider the following as they are all part of the algorithms used by the Search Engines to determine your web page ranking:

  • If there are any inbound links from a social network like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  • What the download speed is for serving up your web page

  • What the Parent/Child relationship is of your web page

  • If your web host is also hosting any unsavory content web sites

  • the over all content of your web site

  • If any of your keywords are in bold

  • Number of visitors to your web page

  • HTML validation of the web page to W3C standards

  • What the readable level of the copy of your web page is

  • Search Engine compatibility, remember they are all different

  • Total number of your keywords

  • What the keyword density is

  • What positions your keywords occupy

  • The number of words used on your web page

  • The number of characters used on the page

There are more determinations also that will decide how your web page will finally rank on the Internet but the above are the most important. If you feel all of this effort will be too time consuming and involved.