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Linking Submission Software for Web Pages and Articles


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Gone are the days when you outsource
your work to others for link submission to become part of the Internet community

Gone also are the hands in your back pocket looking
for more dollars every time another month or year
goes by.

Every website owner and article writer spends either
countless time or lots of money to have their work
submitted to the appropriate places to have their
work listed and ultimately found by their respective viewers and prospects.

Many people write countless articles with their website address only showing in the writer byline, hoping that the Search Engines will eventually find and post their material so they can finally be found by that elusive viewer. One of our peers attested that it has taken him over 10 years before the results of his efforts, all done the hard way - manually, kicked in. He no longer depends on pensions or subsidies to meet his cost of living.  His Internet business looks after all of his expenses and he has paid off his mortgage.

So you can actually do it all yourself the hard way -
manually, but why? How old and able will you be in
10 years or even 5 years?

You have just found access to a software program that will do it all for you and other things too, that you probably haven't thought of.

You can outsource your listing requirements to other
business set up to do this for you for as little as
$10.00 a submission. Some of the websites offer
free limited submission services too. The first flag
that appears doing this type of submission is where is your site being listed?  Many gurus say it doesn't
matter as long as you get the Big 5. That means
Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask , the 5th name depends on whom you are speaking to, or where their
interests lie. In any instance, they are really
interested in obtaining your e-mail address in order
to solicit you for other services and build their
prospect list. So, it is still costing you, isn't it? They
are going to take more of your time filling your In-Box
with offers that you will review and decide upon, or what ....delete?

What kind of reports back do you receive from the
above offers. Generally not much, if any. You get a
statement advising you that the submission of your
site was completed. Thank you very much.

So you watch your e-mail looking for unknown names, hoping that these will give you some indication as to whether or not your website or article has been accepted for posting to their site. Usually, over time you forget about this submission and repeat the process down the road, as that little thought in your mind keeps nagging you. Where has my site been posted ?  Has my article been successfully submitted to the article sites? How can you find out?

Well, you can manually...oops there is that word
again... search for your listing and unless you have
nailed one of the top 10 listings or have been
highlighted in some manner, there are a many pages
you are going to have to read through looking for that
one posting - yours. We know, you have been there,
did that, so have all of us. A quicker way to do that is
use the "find" feature and just click on 100's of pages.  Did that make your day?

You will obtain the following benefits if you decide to take advantage of the system being offered.

  • Submit to both website directories and article directories.

  • Use Turbo Submission mode to submit to directories in super-fast time.

  • Sort over 4,000 website directories and 1,000 article directories on Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Rank, or number of Incoming Backlinks to the directory.

  • Full range of general directories: Free, Reciprocal Link Required, and Payment Required.

  • Niche directory listings (i.e. directories which only list websites of one particular topic like travel).

  • Setup rotating link title text and description text for each project. This ensures your link building looks natural and you can obtain good search engine rankings for a variety of keywords.

  • Link page maintenance so you can quickly create and upload reciprocal links to your website.

  • Tag & Search capabilities - enables you to categorize your directories exactly how you want.

  • Free software and directory updates for life.

  • Add your own custom directories.

  • Search for your links in the directories using the 'Directory Detective' tool. Including the anchor text and Google PageRank of all your links.

  • Complete control over the auto-fill feature within the software - you can even add your own custom fields.

  • You can also import / export projects between different computers.

  • Export detailed submission reports.

  • Take a screenshot of the web browser as proof of submission.

  • Automatic auto-fill when page loads.

  • Display the Google PageRank of the current webpage being viewed, and also perform Google searches from the built-in toolbar.

  • Ability to create different categories for your custom directories.

  • Facility to automatically import a list of your own directories from a Spreadsheet directly into this software.

  • Tabbed Web Browsing.

  • Tool to find duplicate directories in your directory listings.

  • Add your own notes for each directory.

  • Ability to give each directory a rating so you can keep track of your favorite directories.

  • Ability to give each directory a rating so you can keep track of your favorite directories.

  • A constantly reviewed and up-to-date listing of quality directories.

  • Full web browser navigation to display the current URL, move backwards, forwards, stop and refresh.

  • A step-by-step video demonstration and user guide should you have any questions. Failing that there is the support team whom are always happy to answer any questions you have.

  • Start your own business offering this service.

Now wouldn't that ease your mind, as well as give relief to both your time and cash book?


...for $78.95!