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Marketing at the speed of thought means:

Having your own Online Business Office with all the Tools you require when you are working on your Internet Business, you go to your computer and you open up One Program.

With that one program or your Online Business Office, you address  your 3 Lead Generators and download your leads to your hard drive.  You then groom your Leads removing any duplicates, bad email address and formatting.  You then upload these Leads to your business office.  It doesn't matter how many Leads you are uploading as your One Program accepts as many as you have - there are no restrictions. 

You then decide which letter you wish to send to your Prospects to promote whatever business you are working with.  You also decide which email address is the most appropriate as you were given about 20 of them to work in with all your portals - 40 to be exact.  Then you use one of your Autoresponders to send your welcome to your Prospects requesting they opt-in confirming they really do wish to work with you. Sound good so far?

You then prepare you Blog information for the day or week, copy and paste it into your Blog system and update your Blog RSS Syndication. 

You then check the ISP Server in your online business office  which you may have configured to work with your own Outlook Express program (or, equivalent) if you choose. 

It is now time to check in with your live Training sessions that you scheduled for yourself, using the same One Program.  You have allowed one hour and 20 minutes as quite often the Trainers will take questions at the end of the lesson and you will want to record all of the sessions for review in the future (this feature is included).

You then check to see if you have any Meetings scheduled with your Affiliates, Associates and/or Prospects  in your 5-Room Conference Centre.

You move on to your web page editor in the same One Program and create a web page for your latest Special featuring a new Product you have found somewhere else.  You can also post your new web page to the Search Engines while you are there as you receive free hosting for your web pages too.

Now, it is time to blast your ads for your Internet business out to many millions of web sites.  This starts out using a pre-selected List of Sites which in turn blast your ads to others, which in turn blasts your ads out to others and so on.  That is how the Internet works.  In about 4 months, your ads today will have have fully saturated all the available Internet sites.  Again, all through this One Program which is your Online Business Office.

This is what we mean by "Marketing at The Speed of Thought".  If you have availed yourself to our One Program concept you will know this One Program handles everything previously outlined and actually a few other actions as well. 

How do you benefit from doing your Internet business in this manner. 

1.  You sign up for free.  This gives you time to acquaint yourself with the system, set up of the system for yourself and getting the training involved to operate the system for your business needs

2.  Everything you need for marketing your Internet business is in one place so you can quickly move from one marketing action to another. 

3.  It reduces your overhead, as many of these actions are usually sold by separate Internet Companies, for example:

  • Web hosting of the web pages you can make here usually run from free for  one page with foreign advertisers to over $200 per year with unlimited domains etc.;
  • Autoresponder which  run from just shy of $200 per year to over $1,500 per year depending on the quantity of leads one is working with
  • Leads.  It is possible to get some of them free but there is some cost involved.  It depends on the quality of leads you require.  So say $10.00 per a couple of thousand emails
  • Live Training.  A one day seminar runs from about $200 - $350 for either a one or two day event by speakers.  The popular speakers demand more fees then that but average to around $1,000 to $1,500 per event. 
  • Video (Internet Conferencing) averages $30.00 per month for 3 to 5-Room conference centre.

When you decide to upgrade your account, and you will want to if you are as involved in your Internet business as outlined above, you are looking at a flat $54.95 per month.  That's it. 

When you attract your downline you will share in some of that fee as a commission. 

As a paid member you receive the additional following portals not available to you as a free member.  They are assigned to you with your personal sign up name when you initially sign up for free.

  • This is the network link to the Blogfather where you can get yours too

  • This is my Blog website.  It only contains personal content.  You have the choice of putting this Blog into your own RSS Feed for better distribution throughout the Internet as well

  • This is my RSS feed.  You are welcome to use it to add content to your web pages too

  • This is an offer for anyone to take advantage of.  The computer draw is for a brand name computer and the winners get their choice of what is available at the time.  They also agree to receive our Newsletter

  • This web portal offers inspirational and motivational messages for people to make use of for their own purposes.  Great for getting messages for meeting scripts, self-development or giving comfort to others.

  • Marketing at the Speed of Thought is speeded up in a group think tank



  • This is your own search engine that collects unique leads which you have access to, to feed your Autoresponders.  You can use it daily, whatever schedule you determine.  Features slow or high speed log in, which services rural and international countries access.  

    You can now post your web sites directly to this Search Engine from this Page:  Fill in the following and you are on your way.

    URL: Email:

  • Although FFA web sites are getting to be a thing of the past this one manages to live on as the postings to it are permanent, which in turn creates a Link Back to whatever website you need.
  • The Title states it's use.  There are free software downloads for Internet tools we all need and use, as well e-Books assisting the readers in understanding of Internet Marketing, Web Sites and Conferencing,
  • On this web site you create web pages with the on-line editor, as well the Hosting is included.
  • This web site reviews the progression of the Internet and how it co-mingles with our economic times.  It ends up inviting the viewer to become part of the program.  So it is a recruiting page.
  • Another recruiting site with a different approach
  • You will fall in love with the graphics on this site.  It is a Search Engine where URLs can be submitted as well as searches preformed.  It is also another source of Leads for you to use as you see fit.
  • This is a genuine offer for anyone to take advantage of.  It is for 3 days and 2 nights with some minimal costs involved.  There are 20 destinations to choose from, all in the United States.  It could be the difference for someone being able to  getaway for a break.  They receive the vacation information after they confirm their opt-in email.
  • This site is directed to folks looking for a free autoresponder
  • This web page is directed to folks that require free web page statistics.
  • Some more graphics magic on this site too.  It is a Search Engine where URLs can be submitted as well as searches preformed.  It is also another source of Leads for you to use as you see fit.
  • This has to be one of the most impressive Ad Blasters on the Internet and it could be yours.  Use it everyday if you want to
  • This is one of the oldest FFA pages on the Internet and it use certainly attests to that as per the quantity of Leads that can be harvested every day from it.  Use the Leads for your own use and requirements.
  • This web site is another Ads Blaster and generates more leads.  It is actually a stand-alone program due to its popularity by non-members
  • This web site is the introductions to the Online Conference Rooms.  The Conference Rooms are well equipped with  Web Browser and also an editable White Board.  All meetings can be recorded for future use too. Upgraded Membership includes a 5-Room for their personal use which is handy for Associates, Affiliates and Prospects.
  • This web site allows us to penetrate the exclusivity of Australia and New Zealand Web Sites while looking for Prospects.
  • This web site and the remainder of the following links are all SEO Portals for either Classified Ads or Directories.  This allows you to get your products seen by a larger than normal audience.  It would be very expensive to create, host and manage all of these web sites on an individual basis.  We are going after Link Backs to our other Internet business web sites.  Right?


    So now you know how much service and tools you could get for a monthly investment of $54.95.  Add it up for yourself.  This eliminates your domain and hosting fees, your autoresponder fees, training fees, conference room fees, leads costs, and membership fees are included too. 

    To be successful in Internet Business you have to optimize your Dollars and diversify your options.